Electroporation-based scalp care device

(Patent No. 10-2266861)

Experimetal data

Experimental data for skin absorption.

Rhodamin B only, control
Eletroporation + LED + Vibeation
Results of fluorescent component intra-skin transmittance dissolved through a special microscope during the Rootonix electroporation experiment- Seoul National University (2020)
Three times higher drug absorption rate
A comparison chart of drug absorption techniques

Technical details


An electroporation technology-based scalp care device that instantly applies an electrical pulse to the skin surface to create a hole in which molecular units can penetrate and pushes nutrients into it.

Feature 1

Microcurrent can be used to instantaneously create fine holes in the skin to absorb drugs to the dermal layer of the skin. Its product with this technology has an absorption rate of about three times higher when absorbing drugs.

Feature 2

After drug absorption, the skin returns to its original state, so there is no bleeding or wound left. This is the latest drug absorption technology that does not hurt and has less pain than conventional MTS.

Applied product

Volume Booster