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The Easiest Start to Scalp Care MONADOO
Scalp care, hair loss care Now with Monadoo.
01. Scalp type analysis
Take a picture of your scalp using ROOTONIX’s diagnostic device and check your scalp problems.
ROOTONIX’s AI analyzes your scalp based on the diagnosis of real experts.
02. Itemized evaluation
Check the score for each item for scalp condition.
You can easily identify the items you need to focus on.
03. Overall scalp evaluation
It provides a comprehensive evaluation of your scalp with five high-precision analysis systems.
We will inform you in detail about the current scalp condition and precautions.
04. Expert Suggestions
Check out the opinions of experts on the analyzed scalp type.
Get suggestions from experts on scalp care methods and effective ingredients based on comprehensive diagnosis.
  • Scanning the scalp condition in real time.
  • Saving scalp condition measurement data.
  • Provide professional management solutions based on A.I analysis data.
  • A scalp massage guide video.
  • Scalp care data record
App Information
Provider ROOTONIX Co., Ltd.
App Size 87.61MB
Category Life style
Compatibility Android, iOS
Language KR, EN
Age Of Use All
Copyright © ROOTONIX Co., Ltd.

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