Pictures of MONADOO, an AI scalp diagnostic application, is displayed on a monitor, tablet and a mobile phone which are horizontally lineup.
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Scalp care and hair loss care are now available with MONADOO
01. Scalp-type analysis
MONADOO’s A.I utilize a diagnostic tool to capture the scalp, check for corresponding scalp problems among 112 scalp types, and analyze the scalp condition based on actual expert diagnoses.
02. Category evaluation
Users can check the scores in 5 different categories concerning their scalp condition and easily identify the category they need to focus on for targeted care.
03. Total evaluation
5 highly precise analysis systems provide a comprehensive evaluation of users’ scalps and inform users of detailed explanations about the current scalp condition along with precautions and care instructions.
04. Expert insights
The A.I and experts provide opinions on the analyzed scalp types. The A.I offer the best shampoo recommendations and scalp care solutions based on the diagnostic results.
04. Status monitoring
Users can monitor the condition of the scalp through the results, and all the results can be easily checked on the MONADOO app.
  • Real-time scalp condition scanning
  • Stores scalp condition measurement data
  • Provides customized shampoo by A.I
  • Provides scalp care solutions by A.I experts
  • Availability of checking scalp condition anytime, anywhere
App Information
Provider ROOTONIX Co., Ltd.
App Size 87.61MB
Category Life style
Compatibility Android, iOS
Language KR, EN
Age Of Use All
Copyright © ROOTONIX Co., Ltd.

    A kiosk displaying an advanced scalp diagnostic A.I system in the center, with a high-resolution scalp camera at the bottom of it, designed for comprehensive hair health analysis

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