Rootonix, a professional scalp care brand, stood at the opening ceremony of the world’s first ‘2020 Korea-World Image Business Week’. This event, held at the Changwon Convention Center, is a business exchange program introduced by ‘Oasis’, a new platform created by Changwon City to expand world trade.
On this day, Rootonix received great attention by introducing ‘Volume Booster’, a scalp and hair loss management device developed directly in front of more than 1,000 burners and buyers around the world. Unlike the existing scalp care devices, which are mainly in the form of helmets weighing 600~800g, the volume booster weighs only 98g, so it is very popular. Rootonix applied ‘electroporation’ technology to the volume booster. Electroporation technology is a technology that instantaneously applies electrical stimulation to the scalp to temporarily create a ‘Hall’, a small hole, to increase the absorption power of the ampoule. Existing home care scalp care devices only used LED therapy, but Rootonix differentiated its products by adding electroporation technology.

Source : 매일경제 (이종화 기자 )