(Cnet Korea = Reporter Hwang Jin-young) ROOTONIX, a professional scalp care brand, will participate in the 2021 Korea Electronics Show (KES 2021) held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from the 26th to the 29th.

At KES2021, ROOTONIX introduces the world’s smallest hair loss device, Buddie. ROOTONIX is ​​an excellent domestic brand selected for the 2020 Brand K as a professional scalp/hair loss care brand.
‘Buddie’, to be introduced this time, is the world’s smallest skin-attachable scalp care device, with a size of 3 cm and a light weight of 13 g. Through Iontophoresis technology, the drug in the enclosed patch is absorbed deep into the skin in just 7 minutes.

The enclosed patch (gel patch) has the effect of helping various scalp-related symptoms such as scalp soothing, scalp moisturizing effect, and dandruff removal. A ROOTONIX official explained, “Helmet-type and comb-shaped scalp care devices are heavy and have restrictions in use, whereas Buddie is a device with convenience and portability that has no restrictions when using it.”

Source : cnet korea (황진영 기자 hjy@cnet.co.kr)