Iontophoresis-based patch-type skin care device

(Patent application number 10-2020-0130081)

Experimental data

Experimental data for skin absorption.

Only gel patch
gel patch + iontophoresis

Technical details


Iontophoresis is a technology that infiltrates active ingredients of drugs or cosmetics into tissues through the mucous membrane of the skin using the principle of ion resistance, in which ions move with direct current that does not change over time.

Feature 1

Iontophoresis has no pain such as injection, maintains a local high drug concentration, has less systemic action, has fewer side effects, and can deliver drugs through blood flow.

Feature 2

The drug component of the patch combines TDDS technology and iontophoresis technology to be quickly and iontophoresis technology to be quickly absorbed into the skin, minimizing skin problems caused by long-term adhesion and maximizing drug absorption.

Applied product

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