AI service to analyze and diagnose the scalp

Diagnostic Camera

Data Set


Technical details


AI analysis system trained on over 150,000 scalp image data

Feature 1

A scalp image is taken using a camera diagnostic device and sent to an AI server for scalp analysis.

Feature 2

We diagnose the condition of the scalp based on the opinions of numerous experts and suggest a scalp management method tailored to the scalp type.

Applied product

A kiosk displaying an advanced scalp diagnostic A.I system in the center, with a high-resolution scalp camera at the bottom of it, designed for comprehensive hair health analysis
A.I Scalp Diagnosis Service
Pictures of MONADOO, an AI scalp diagnostic application, is displayed on a monitor, tablet and a mobile phone which are horizontally lineup.
A handheld device equipped with a three-pronged head for massage and applying TDDS technology