At the recently closed CES 2022, a startup specializing in hair loss care, ROOTONIX (CEO Jung Dae-kwon) attracted attention by introducing ‘Buddie’ and ‘Volume Booster’, a digital hair care device that introduced patented technology to help the body absorb drugs. .

Buddie has a system that delivers drugs to the scalp so that the active ingredients of the patch can be absorbed in just 7 minutes. In the case of a hair loss patch used together, it helps with various scalp-related symptoms such as scalp soothing, scalp moisturizing effect, and dandruff removal.

In addition, ROOTONIX introduced a convenient system for managing the scalp at home in the non-face-to-face era by linking a portable scalp manager equipped with a scalp camera with a mobile app.

Source : Electronic Newspaper (Reporter Sumin Ahn