ROOTONIX (CEO Jeong Dae-kwon), a domestic hair loss care startup, participated in ‘Dubai Derma 2022 (International Skin Beauty Exhibition)’ held in Dubai from February 27 to March 1.
At this exhibition, ROOTONIX aroused a lot of interest from overseas buyers by exhibiting new products such as the New Volume Booster, a scalp and skin massager, and the special royal edition ROOTONIX Dubai package.
In particular, ‘New Volume Booster’, introduced at this exhibition, is a scalp and skin massager with a protruding head that can massage gua sha to improve blood flow. This device, equipped with the patented technology ‘Electroporation’, shows an absorption effect of 300% or more compared to when cosmetics or drugs are simply applied to the skin.
ROOTONIX’s ‘Special Royal Edition’ is a Dubai special limited model and only 100 pieces are produced, adding to its specialness by adding products with proven effectiveness while increasing rarity and collectible value.

Source : MNB Newspaper (강동완