On the 28th, ROOTONIX (CEO Jung Dae-kwon), a specialized scalp care company, announced that it has successfully entered the overseas market by signing a contract to export to countries such as Russia and the United States in the second half of this year. ROOTONIX is ​​currently preparing to export its products to countries such as the UK, Turkey, Armenia, Albania, and Chile. As such, ROOTONIX’s sales in the third quarter of this year are expected to grow by about 25% compared to the second quarter of this year. ROOTONIX is ​​a company that developed ‘Volume Booster’, an LED scalp massager to which the ‘Electroporation’ function, which is its own technology, is applied. In addition, we made a functional scalp ampoule ‘Root Farm Ampoule’ that can be used together with a volume booster. In particular, the volume booster is in the form of a massager, unlike the existing helmet-type hair loss care device, which weighs 600 to 800 g, and is very light with a weight of 98 g.

Source : 매일경제 (이종화 기자)